It's easy to find a place to park your car in Vejle. We have more than 4000 parking spots in the city. Check out the map to find a parkingarea close to you. Some are free, and others need to be paid for.

Use the map to find parking areas 

The blue icons show our municipal parking areas, the black icons show private areas - here you should pay special attention to the signage regarding payment, time restriction etc.

Click on the icons in the map for further information about number of parking spaces, time restrictions, payment etc.

Some parking spaces have sensors that show the number of available spaces in real time. Green means there is good parking availability right now (more than 10 available), yellow means a moderate parking availability (with 5-10 available), red means that there are few or no spaces available right now (only 0-4 available).

You can: 

  • Enter an address in the search field. 
  • Click on the icon that looks like a compass to find the nearest parking area (remember to enable the GPS on your phone).
  • Please write “Albert”,  “Trondur” or "Cronhammar" if you want to find and park in our multi-storey parking garages (they all have 2-hours free parking).

Parking areas in Vejle

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