It's easy to find a place to park in Vejle. Check out the map to find a parking area close to you. Some are free, and others need to be paid for.

Use the map to find parking areas 

You can: 

  • Enter an address in the search field. 
  • Click on the icon that looks like a compass to find the nearest parking area (remember to enable the GPS on your phone).
  • Please write “Albert” or “Tróndur” if you want to find and park in the multi-storey car parks (2-hours free parking). 


Automatic payment in parking garages Albert and Trondur

Do you need a parking spot for you motorbike?

Carpooling - 4 parking areas near highway E45

Vejle S - Grønlandsvej 264, 7100 Vejle

Vejle C - Vinding - Storhaven 13, 7100 Vejle 

Vejle N - Dandyvej 1x, 7100 Vejle

Grejs - Viborg Hovedvej 4, 7100 Vejle


Areas for carpooling
Map of areas for carpooling near highway E45
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