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Your Vote Does Make a Difference

Democracy is based on joint decisions. When you use your right to vote, you take responsibility in relation to society and your fellow human beings. When you vote in an election, you participate in electing the political candidates, and you get influence on decisions which affect your life. Show up on Election Day and cast your vote. Your vote does make a difference!

Who can vote?

Regional and Local Government:
You can vote at regional or local government elections, if you are 18 years or older and 

  • you are a Danish citizen or 
  • you are an EU, Norwegian or Icelandic citizen or 
  • you are a citizen of a country outside EU, Norway or Island and have lived permanently in Denmark 3 years prior to the election

 You can find more information about voting at regional or local government elections here: Rådet for Etniske Minoriteter 


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Sidst opdateret: 05. juli 2021