Afbrændingsforbud i alle landets kommuner (Use of open fire is banned in all of Denmark)

Læs her hvad du må - og bestemt ikke må (find out what this means e.g. for usage of a barbeque grill)

Job for your partner

If you are moving to Vejle due to your partner’s job, we also have an offer for you as accompanying partner. There are 600.000 jobs within an hour’s drive of Vejle and we can guide you towards companies within your competencies.

If your highly educated partner got a job in Vejle, we offer support for your own job search.

We can help you with; 

  • tools for your job search 
  • Danish working culture 
  • career counseling 
  • contact to companies 
  • guidance to target your CV and application for the Danish job market 


Whom to contact? 

Amir is an option for all international couples within the target group. 

Brit is an option for the couples in the target group, where one or both are Danish.

So if your partner has landed a job in the triangle region, and he or she is highly educated, and one of you are Danish, feel free to contact Brit. If you both are internationals feel free to contact Amir. 


Living and working in Denmark

What are the best and worst things about living in Southern Denmark ?

We have asked 16 internationals living in the Triangle Region - read about their Danish experience in the folder below. 

Sidst opdateret: 19. juni 2018