Daycare (0-6 years)

Are you bringing your family to Denmark? Then you need to make decisions about your child's daycare. We are here to help you make the right one.

In Denmark, both parents (and other legal guardians) most often hold full-time jobs. On average, around 80% of women return to full-time employment after giving birth, which is why most Danish children go to daycare.

In the below map we have marked the daycare centers, which guarantee that they speak English, to ensure the dialogue with non-Danish parents.

We guarantees daycare

Each municipality in Denmark is required to provide its citizens with daycare facilities for children. We guaranteed each child a placement in a public daycare center from the age of six months up to the age of six years.

Children are guaranteed placement in a daycare center within three months of signing up. Please note that this does not guarantee a place at a particular institution of your choice.

Types of daycare

See below for the different types of daycare facilities in Vejle. 

  • Daginstitutioner = Daycare centers. Nurseries (vuggestuer) offer daycare for children aged from six months to three years and kindergartens (børnehaver) offer daycare for children aged from three to six years. Some daycare centres offer both services. These are called aldersintegrerede institutioner
  • Specialinstitution = Special needs institution
    An institution that caters to children with special needs between the ages of one to seven years. 
  • Dagpleje = Childminder
    This is a private service offered for children aged from a few months old up to three years. The child is typically looked after in a private home. 
  • Legestue = Playgroup
    This is part of the childminder service where different groups of children under different childminders meet to play with each other in a playgroup. 
  • Privatinstitution = Private Institution
    A private daycare center as opposed to public daycare services.

Daycare costs

Daycare services in Vejle Municipality are funded by the municipality with contribution fees paid by the families themselves. As we are committed to providing daycare to suit all needs, we offers a range of different services suited to different working hours.


For further details about daycare options, please contact: 

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