Afbrændingsforbud i alle landets kommuner (Use of open fire is banned in all of Denmark)

Læs her hvad du må - og bestemt ikke må (find out what this means e.g. for usage of a barbeque grill)

Mother tongue education

Mother tongue education is offered to pupils with background in an EU/EEA country, the Faroe Islands or Greenland

If you are a citizen from another EU/EEA country, the Faroe Islands or Greenland living in Denmark you can sign up your children for mother tongue education. 


The purpose of participating in mother tongue education is to maintain and develop the pupils familiarity of their mother tongue and gain knowledge of the circumstances in their home country. The pupils has the opportunity to understand their background and to master the language.   


Mother tongue education is offered to pupils in grade 0-9. The education is voluntarily and it is free of charge for pupils living in Vejle Municipality to participate. If you are living outside Vejle Municipality, we kindly refer you to the municipality you live in.

The education will take place outside normal school hours. The classes will be set up in Vejle if there are 12 students or more wishing education in the same language and if it is possible to find a qualified teacher. The education will take place at one of the schools in Vejle on either a weekday or Saturday. 

If less than 12 pupils sign up it is possible to take the mother tongue education in another municipality that offers the required language.


Each year in ultimo May the Children & Youth Administration form classes for the following school year. Deadline for signing up is early May.  

Sidst opdateret: 06. juli 2017