School (6-16 years)

Are you bringing your family to Denmark? Then you need to make decisions about your child's school. We are here to help you make the right one

When moving to Vejle you  have a free choice of school within the public schools. You can enroll your children in the local primary or lower-secondary school in the school district in which you live. If you prefer your child to attend a school (0-10th grade) in a different school district within the municipality you will need to apply for this option. 

At what age do children start school?

In Denmark children start school the year they turn 6. Some schools offer up six different dates over the school year in which children can start their schooling. You select the date closest to your child’s 6th birthday when enrolling your child online. 

Online enrolment 

Enrolment takes place in January and you enroll your child online (this requires a NemID).  You will receive a personal invitation from the school in your district during the month of enrolment. Should you fail to receive this invitation, you must contact the school before the end of January.


Schools in Vejle 

In Vejle Municipality there are many different schools to choose from, both municipal and private. Inclusion and community values are very important to us so extra efforts are made to ensure children with special needs are well looked after.

The website offers much more information regarding education and schooling. The website is in Danish but automated translations available by clicking the button at the top of the page.


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