Are you bringing your family to Denmark? Then you need to make decisions about your child's day care. We are here to help you make the right one.

In Denmark, both parents (and other legal guardians) most often have full-time jobs. On average, around 80% of women return to full-time employment after giving birth, which is why most Danish children go to daycare.

The map at this site indicates daycare centres in Vejle Municipality that can communicate in English with non-Danish speaking parents.

Below you can read about daycare in Denmark and how it is in Vejle. 

Municipal daycare

  • What is daycare in a Danish context?

    Daycare is an option for children aged 0-6 (More accurately: Until they start school).

    The below list describes the daycare options offered in Vejle: 


    • Daginstitutioner (Daycare centres). There are three different kinds:
      • Vuggestuer (Nurseries) offer daycare for children aged six months to three years.
      • Børnehaver (Kindergartens) offer daycare for children aged three until they start school.
      • Aldersintegrerede institutioner (Integrated institutions) offer both nursery and kindergarten in one institution.
    • Specialinstitution (Special-needs institutions) = Institution that cater to children with special needs aged one to years.
    • Dagpleje (Childminders) = This is a private service offered for children aged from 24 weeks old up to three years. The child is typically looked after in a private home.
      • Legestue (Playgroup) = This is part of the childminder service where different groups of children under different childminders meet to play with each other in a playgroup.


    Most of the staff are educated in play, creativity and learning, and are offered on-going professional training to be equipped to meet the individual needs of the child in their further development and learning. All employees are professionally trained in First Aid.

    Daycare is not to be compared with pre school. The focus is on play.

    Vejle municipality supervises all municipal daycare.

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  • How do I register my child?

    You sign up your child for daycare in Vejle municipality electronically: or

    You use your NemID/MitID.

    Apply no later than 3 months before you need the daycare.

    You have to specify in which area, you need daycare, and which institution you prefer.

    You should list several priorities, as we cannot guarantee that you get your top priority.


    NOTE: If you do not live in Denmark yet, and therefore have no NemID, contact Newcomer Service or Pladsanvisningen (contact info further below on this page). 

  • Daycare guarantee

    Each municipality in Denmark is required to provide its residents with daycare facilities. Children aged six months to six years are guaranteed placement in a public daycare center within three months of signing up.

    You are not guaranteed a specific daycare, but any appropriate daycare within the municipality.

  • Daycare with English speaking employees

    Vejle Municipality has 51 daycare centers, and around half of them have English-speaking staff. You can find out which on the list below:

    List of all daycare options in Vejle

  • Municipal daycare vs. private daycare

    Vejle Municipality has 51 public daycare centers, plus 12 private kindergartens and nursery homes.

    Also the private ones are supervised by the municipality officials, and must follow the common standards.

    You find both private and municipal daycare options on this list:

    List of all daycare options in Vejle

    This list shows only the private daycare options

  • Cost

    Payment for daycare is to be made monthly and in advance. The fee is partially subsidized by the municipality.

    You pay for either full time or part time daycare. Part time can be either 25 or 35 hours.

     If you choose a childminder, you pay for full time, unless you are on maternity leave.

    Find current prices here (choose language at top of page): Priser og tilskud til børnepasning - Vejle Kommune

    In most institutions, the lunch and snacks are made in the institution and are a mandatory part of the cost.

  • Opening hours, closing days and ”co-daycare”

    All institutions are open 50-55 hours through Monday-Friday.

    55 hours means they are open 6 am-5 pm.

    For specific opening hours check their webpage.

    One institution in Vejle is open until 8 pm for parents working evenings.

    Read more about Galaksen

    All daycare are closed on weekends, on December 24th and on Grundlovsdag June 5th (Constitution Day).

    During public holidays there are few children in need of daycare, so some institutions arrange “co-daycare” (“Sampasning” in Danish). This means that staff and children from different daycare centers will be gathered together in one place. This usually happens with less than 15 children in need of daycare in one institution. (10 in a nursery).

    Remember to tell your institution well in advance, when you plan a holiday.


  • Contact

    Vejle Kommune

    Børn og Unge

    Skolegade 1

    7100 Vejle

    Phone: +45-76 81 50 94


    You are welcome to contact us, if you have any questions, or if you wish to visit a day  care.


    Opening hours:

    Monday - Wednesday 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

    Thursday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

    Friday 9.00 am - 2.00 pm


    We are available by phone during the same hours, starting at 8 am.

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