Vejle has an international program for children in grades 0-6. In 2019 the offer was expanded to grades 7-9 with an extended offer.

For families living in Vejle Municipality, Vejle has an international program for students in grade 0-9. 

The international program is located at Midtbyskole in Vejle. Read more about the program via the below links to the offer for grade 0-6 and the extended offer for grade 7-9. 

International program

The Danish Ministry of Education has approved this programme, and one of the conditions is that approx. 50% of the lessons to be taught in English.

It will be math and all the science subjects. The cultural subjects such as Danish, religion, history and social science will be taught in Danish.

All the finals in 9th grade will be in Danish except for English. Therefore we will provide the possibility for extra Danish lessons for students with Danish as a second language.

Please note this is not an international school - it is an international offer, which is part of the Vejle public school system (and therefore free of charge). 


Why choose this? 

Attending the international programme at Vejle Midtbyskole is a choice for those who want to prepare their children for an international education in combination with the Danish school system.

The learning system/teaching philosophy is following the curriculum from the Danish Ministry of Education.

Below you will find the link to the more detailed description of what the program expects of students, parents and teachers.  



For any questions you might have about the international school program in Vejle, you are welcome to contact the international coordinator Heidi Krogh Lodahl, at phone: 24 98 13 78 or e-mail:


If you have other questions about life in Vejle you are welcome to contact Newcomer Service

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