Mother-tongue education is offered to pupils with backgrounds from an EU/EEA country, the Faroe Islands or Greenland.

If you are a citizen from another EU/EEA country, the Faroe Islands or Greenland living in Denmark you can sign up your children for mother-tongue education.

Please note that if you are not a citizen from one of the mentioned countries, unfortunately your child cannot participate. 



The purpose of participating in mother-tongue education is to maintain and develop the children’s familiarity with their mother-tongue and to learn more about their home country. The children have the opportunity to understand their background and to master the language.  



Mother-tongue education is offered to pupils in grades 0-9. The education is voluntarily and it is free of charge for children living in Vejle Municipality to participate. If you live outside Vejle Municipality, please refer to the municipality you live in.

Mother-tongue education takes place outside normal school hours. Classes are held if at least 12 students wishing to learn the same language are interested and if it is possible to find a qualified teacher. Classes take place at one of the schools in Vejle on either a weekday or Saturday.

If fewer than 12 pupils sign up, it is possible to take the mother-tongue education in another municipality that offers the required language.


Mother-tongue education in Vejle

In Vejle we currently offer classes in Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

If you live in Vejle Municipality you can sign up your child via the below link. Please note that you will be directed to a Danish site at - choose language at top of page.  

If you live in another Municipality you child can still attend classes in Vejle. Contact the Municipality you live in for them to sign up your child.  



The deadline for signing up for the next school year is May 31st

Børn & Unge Afdelingen (The Children & Youth Administration) form classes for the next school year and you will get a reply by June 15th.  


For further questions please contact; 

Louise Nielsen Bosætningsguide Newcomer Service
Send e-mail mobil 21 81 04 36
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