Learn to speak Danish

If you want to learn Danish - now or at a later time - please read this information carefully.

If you are an EU citizen, at least 18 years old and live in Denmark you have the opportunity to participate in Danish language lessons. If you want to participate in Danish lessons contact Jobcenter Vejle (find contact info below). 

If you are not from the EU you can contact the Jobcenter to clarify if you live up to the requirements for Danish lessons (find contact info below).

PLEASE NOTICE if you have been granted a residence permit on basis of employment/education or an EU registration certificate, each module of the education costs 2.000 kroner. 

  • Whom to contact at the jobcenter

    Anja Thomsen 

    Jobcenter Vejle  

    Havneparken 16C

    7100 Vejle 

    phone: (+45) 21 66 79 97

    mail: integration@vejle.dk  


  • Contact information of the language school

    Sprogcenter Vejle  (Language Center Vejle)

    Klostergade 4

    7100 Vejle

    phone: (+45) 76 81 38 00

    mail: sprogcentret@vejle.dk

    See more at the homepage.

  • Are you living in Denmark?

    To sign up please bring the following documents to the jobcenter:

    • CPR number
    • Permission to stay in Denmark (EU registration from the State Administration)
  • Are you a cross-border commuter, working in Vejle Municipality?

    To sign up please bring the following documents to the jobcenter:

    • CPR number
    • Work contract from employer in Vejle Municipality
  • Classes

    Sprogcenter Vejle (Language Center Vejle) offers a range of both day and evening classes with starting dates every two to four weeks. Contact the school for more information about your options.

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