Læs mere om corona - bl.a. om restriktioner, vaccinationer og test. Lyntest i Børkop, Egtved, Give, Jelling, Ågård og 5 steder i Vejle i uge 9

Læs mere om corona her / Information in English

Coronavirus / COVID-19 in Denmark

Find the latest updates on Coronavirus / COVID-19 from the Danish Authorities. Please NOTE that Vejle Municipality is partially closed. Find more info below.

  • Latest restrictions to follow (updated February 26th)

    All national restrictions are extended until April 5th 2021.

    Find more info at the official Coronavirus in Denmark site.


    Stores with a size of no more  than 5000 m2 - that are not located in a shopping centre - can reopen as of 1 March 2021 with a stricter requirement to ensure minimum distance between customers.

    Outdoor cultural institutions such as zoological gardens can reopen with the precondition that visitors can document a negative COVID-19-test no older than 72 hours.

    The latest restrictions comes with regional exceptions - find these at the overall national site. 


    Vejle Municipality is partially closed. Read more at Vejle.dk (site in Danish - choose language at top of page).  


    The maximum number of people who can gather continues to be five people, with the exception of outdoors certain organised sports activities where 25 people can gather.

    Furthermore citizens are adviced to limited their social circle and are advised to meet with the same few people. The Government asks us to consider all apointments and social events - cancel if possible. 

    The distance requirement is adjusted from one to two meters - this means you are asked to keep a distance to others of two meters at all times - incl. outside and when shopping. 

    All are strongly encuraged to stay at home as much as possible - incl. working from home.



    When shopping, consider to go only one person at the time. 

    All shops are closed. This does not include supermarkets, pharmacies and shops selling medical aid.

    All sorts of shopping malls, arcades and bazaars are closed. All “specialty goods stores”, such as home improvement, which are 5000m2 (or more) is also be closed. 

    Shops that hand out already ordered and paid packages (e-commerce) will still do so.

    It is forbidden to sell alcohol after 22.00 (10pm).

    Liberal businesses are closed, e.g. hairdressers, driving schools, tattoo artists etc.



    School children from grade 0-4 are back in  school from Monday, February 8th. Your school will inform you of any local changes. 

    Other school children, including SFO and after-school-clubs, are send home. The same goes for students living at their schools and university students. 

    Emergency caring for your child will be a possibility – talk to your local school if you need this.



    It is required to wear a mask in all establishments that are open and have public access; e.g. supermarkeds, libraries, restaurants for take away,  hospitals, the Municipality etc. 

    It is a requirement to wear a mask when using public transport. This is for all public transport, all over Denmark and all hours of the day. If possible you are encouraged to avoid public transportation during rush hour.

    Here you can see the Danish Health Authorities' video on how to use a mask.

  • Entering Denmark from February 7th - April 5th

    As of February 7th there are updated rules to enter Denmark - with exceptions if you live in the "border country" - named areas of Germany and Sweden. Violation of these rules will be fined with 3,500Dkr. 

    Read more via the links below and here

  • How to get tested if you are tourist or otherwise do not have a CPR

    If you are in Denmark on a stay that does not require for you to have a CPR, you can still get tested for coronavirus / Covid-19.

    It is the Region that handles all tests and your can at their website find information about how to get tested without a CPR.

  • Going to Vejle Municipality?

    From December 11th at 16.00/4pm Vejle Municipality is partially closed - this continues into 2021!

    This means that all future bookings in Citizen Service (Borgerservice) are cancelled. If you need to contact  please to so at phone (0045) 76 81 00 00 or send an e-mail to post@vejle.dk .

  • Get Corona tested in Vejle - at Tysklandsvej

    It is now possible to get corona tested in a permanent test facility at Tysklandsvej 4, 7100 Vejle. 

    Find more info, including the expected watiting time to book a test, at the site Test for corona (site in Danish - choose language at top of page). 

    See at the Region’s website how to book.

    If you are a tourist or otherwise do not have a CPR.

  • If you are tested postitive for the Corona/COVID virus - or are a close contact to someone who is

    The Danish Health Autorities have translated their advice on what to do if you are tested postitive. 

    Find the English version here

    Find link to 8 other languages here


    If you are a close contact to a person who are tested postitive you are also adviced to act a certain way.

    Find the English version here

    Find link to 8 other languages here

  • Does your child have symptoms of COVID-19?

    Children usually get no symptoms or only mild symptoms of

    Which COVID-19 symptoms should I pay attention to?
    Typically, children will become weak and tired and will
    not play or participate in activities as they normally would.

    Other symptoms may include:
    • Dry cough
    • Fever
    • Feeling unwell

    There may also be respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, a cold, etc., or other symptoms such as diarrhoea. All these symptoms are not necessarily present at the same time.

    What should I do if my child has symptoms of COVID-19?
    If your child has symptoms of COVID-19, he or she should stay
    at home.

    Other family members should keep their distance from
    the child whenever possible. Please remember that children still need loving care and physical contact like hugs and comforting, and that this is far more important than keeping your distance.

    Call your doctor to get an assessment and a referral for testing if you are concerned about your child’s condition or if your child is under 2 years of age. If you do not find it necessary to call your own doctor, you can book a test for your child on coronaproever.dk.

    When can my child return to his or her childcare institution
    or school?
    If your child has tested positive for novel coronavirus, the child must remain at home until the child has been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

    If your child has tested negative for novel coronavirus, your child can return to his or her childcare institution or school when the child has recovered and can participate in activities as usual.

    For some time after a respiratory infection, it is normal for children to have a slight cough. If the child seems healthy and well, he or she can return to childcare or school even if he or she still has a slight cough as the only remaining symptom. 

    Find this message in several other languages at the Danish Health Authority's website. 


    (info from the Danish Health Authority) 

  • Should my child be tested for COVID-19?

    It can be difficult to tell whether your child has a cold, COVID-19 or another respiratory infection.

    A test will show whether or not it is COVID-19.
    If you do not suspect that your child has COVID-19, you may choose not to have your child tested. In that case, the most important thing is to keep the child isolated at home until he or she has fully recovered.

    If several members of the family are ill or become ill, the adults can get tested instead, as members of the same family will often have the same disease. 

    If you are in doubt about whether your child’s symptoms could be
    COVID-19 or whether he or she should be tested, you can call your doctor.


    (info from the Danish Health Authority) 

  • Being offered the vaccine when living in Denmark

    When living in Denmark you will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine for free. This will be offered "by turn" and you will get a letter from the Danish Health Autority in your e-box. 

    You can read more about the vaccine program in Denmark here

    At the site you can also find two videos; Information on COVID-19 vaccines and Can you trust what you read about COVID-19 vaccines?

    You can here read the Danish Health Authority's flyer about vaccination against COVID-19 in English. Also find it here in 8 more languages. 

Where to find official Government information?

Danish Authorities have gather all information about the coronavirus/covid-19 at the sites linked to below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can call the Authorities’ corona hotline at 70 20 02 33.

Please note that the Danish Refugee Council has also set up hotlines in several languages - find the various phonenumbers here (each language has its own number).  The hotlines are open between 17-19 (5-7pm). 


Below you find two official letters from Jens Ejner Christensen (Mayor of Vejle) sent out during the early coronavirus / covid-19 period. 

Corona råd
Corona / COVID-19 restrictions
Hotline in several languages.
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