Læs om Corona - bl.a. om vaccinationer, coronapas og test. Nu også test på søndage i alle 4 centerbyer!

Læs mere om corona her / Information in English

Coronavirus / COVID-19 in Denmark

Find the latest updates on Coronavirus / COVID-19 from the Danish Authorities. Please NOTE that Vejle Municipality is partially closed. Find more info below.

Last night (May 3rd) the Government and several other parties represented in parliament agreed on the next step of the reopening of Denmark:  

Find the current restrictions here.

Find out what opens on May 6th here (site in Danish - see link below for overall translation)

Find out what opened on April 21st here (Site in Danish)

Find the overall long-term plan as of now here (site in Danish). 

  • Updates on Coronavirus / COVID-19 - local for Vejle and overall from the Danish Authorities

  • What opens up on May 6th (updated May 4th)

    Remember as Denmark opens up again, there are several events/things you will only be able to participate in/do if you have a negative COVID-19 test that is max. 72 hours old (from the time you were tested), e.g. hairdresser. Read more at the official nation site - link below. 


    Last night’s agreement on what reopens on Thursday, May 6th:

    All public school pupils (Folkeskolen) are to return full time.

    The 30-minute-rule for booking a table at bars and restaurants is cancelled.

    Cafés, restaurants, pubs, bars etc. are allowed to stay open after 23.00 (11pm) for special private events, where all the participants know each other before hand.

    The requirement for private parties to end at 23.00 (11pm) is cancelled.

    Indoor sports and fitness centre opens for people aged 18 and over with a valid corona pass.

    Venues, theaters and cinemas reopens with up to 2000 participants, divided in sections of 500. A valid corona pass is required.

    Conferences and meetings with a professional purpose and where the participants mainly are seated, reopens with up to 1000 participants, divided in sections of 500. A valid corona pass is required.  

    It is allowed to assemble 25 people indoor and 75 people outside.



    Always find the current restrictions here. (including rules on entering/leaving Denmark). 

    Find the overall long term plan as of now here (site in Danish). 

    During the next days the overall plan will be updated in English here


    Here you can see the Danish Health Authorities' video on how to use a mask.

  • How to get tested if you are tourist or otherwise do not have a CPR

    If you are in Denmark on a stay that does not require for you to have a CPR, you can still get tested for coronavirus / Covid-19.

    It is the Region that handles all tests and your can at their website find information about how to get tested without a CPR.

    To register for a temporary CPR go to covidresults.dk

  • Going to Vejle Municipality?

    Vejle Municipality is partially closed until further notice. 

    If you need to contact/book a time at Borgerservice please do so at phone (0045) 76 81 00 00 or send an e-mail to post@vejle.dk .

  • Get Corona tested in Vejle - at Tysklandsvej

    It is now possible to get corona tested in a permanent test facility at Tysklandsvej 4, 7100 Vejle. 

    If you do not have a CPR number, check section above on "how to" get a test. 

    Find more info, including the expected watiting time to book a test, at the site Test for corona (site in Danish - choose language at top of page). 

    See at the Region’s website how to book.

  • If you are tested postitive for the Corona/COVID virus - or are a close contact to someone who is

    The Danish Health Autorities have translated their advice on what to do if you are tested postitive. 

    Find the English version here

    Find link to 8 other languages here


    If you are a close contact to a person who are tested postitive you are also adviced to act a certain way.

    Find the English version here

    Find link to 8 other languages here

  • Being offered the vaccine when living in Denmark

    When living in Denmark you will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine for free. This will be offered "by turn" and you will get a letter from the Danish Health Autority in your e-box. 

    You can read more about the vaccine program in Denmark here

    At the site you can also find two videos; Information on COVID-19 vaccines and Can you trust what you read about COVID-19 vaccines?

    You can here read the Danish Health Authority's flyer about vaccination against COVID-19 in English. Also find it here in 8 more languages. 

Where to find official Government information?

Danish Authorities have gather all information about the coronavirus/covid-19 at the sites linked to below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can call the Authorities’ corona hotline at 70 20 02 33.

Please note that the Danish Refugee Council has also set up hotlines in several languages - find the various phonenumbers here (each language has its own number).  The hotlines are open between 17-19 (5-7pm). 

Covid-19 one year message from Mayor Jens Ejner Christensen

Video message from Mayor Jens Ejner Christensen

Dear everyone.

Today it is exactly one year since Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen declared lockdown in Denmark due to Covid-19.

It has been a special year. You have all experienced challenges in one way or another.

At Vejle Municipality, we have had more than 100 meetings in our health defences team. 

More than 85,000 citizens have been tested in Vejle Municipality and more than 3,000 has been infected with Covid-19.

Now spring is here and we are in a situation where we hopefully all can be vaccinated soon so life can get back to normal. We are all looking forward to this.

Today at the one-year anniversary, I would like to send you all a huge thank you for the effort you have shown during this year with Covid-19.    

I wish you all a nice spring and hope that we soon will get our normal lives back.



Below you find two official letters from Jens Ejner Christensen (Mayor of Vejle) sent out during the early coronavirus / covid-19 period. 

Corona råd
Corona / COVID-19 advice
Hotline in several languages.
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