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Folketinget har gennemført en række drastiske tiltag for at afbøde  smittespredningen af Coronavirus og senest en gradvis genåbning af samfundet. Læs her, hvad det betyder for dig som borger i Vejle Kommune. Tilmeld dig også gerne vores COVID-19 beredskab. Du kan også finde udvalgt information til virksomheder.
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Coronavirus / Covid19 - an overview

Find the latest updates on coronavirus/covid-19 from the Danish Authorities and Vejle Municipality.


NOTE: It is forbidden to assembly more than 10 people - be aware that it does not have to be people you know, e.g. too may at a playground, could give you a fine of 1,500 dkr. (read more below in the section As of March 18th it is forbidden to assembly in groups of more than 10 persons). 


Danish Authorities and Vejle Municipality have gather all information about the coronavirus/covid-19 at the sites linked to at the bottom of this site.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can call the Authorities’ corona hotline at 70 20 02 33.

  • Latest news about the coronavirus / covid19

  • April 7th: recap from the Prime Ministers' press conference last night

    Last night (April 6th) the Prime Minister held a press conference about next step of the Government’s strategi for the fight against the coronavirus in Denmark.

    After the Easter break they will start to slowly open up Danish society again – this means:

    School classes grade 0. to 5., SFOs and daycare/kindergartens will re-open from April 15th. Social distancing measures will take place. NOTE you will be informed directly from your child’s institution about how this will be implemented locally.

    Grade 6. to 10. will continue home schooling. 9th and 10th grade exams are cancelled. 


    All events with bigger attendants (e.g. festivals and concerts) are banned until end of August.


    People working in the public sector, who has the possibility to work from home will keep on doing so – the private sector is encouraged to do the same – check with your employer.


    The below is prolonged until May 10th:

    • It is still forbidden to assembly more than 10 people – remember this could give you a fine of 1,500dkr.
    • Secondary Schools and universities will remain closed, however the government is working on a solution so they still attend exams this year.
    • Shopping malls, cinemas, bars, libraries, churches, hairdressers etc. are closed.
    • Travel restrictions – see more at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage.
  • April 6th: Meet other Vejle internationals and hear about their life during this time of social distance

    During this time of social distance we would like to share with you what some of the internationals in Vejle are doing with all this extra time.

    Both what to do for fun, worries when being far from your home country and "just" how to handle everyday life. 

    In the video you can meet Nina from Canada, Poulomi from India and Nienke from the Netherlands - in an informal talk with Kay Xander Mellish (the founder of "How to Live in Denmark"). 

    Four internationals during the coronavirus crisis

  • April 2nd: Information about coronavirus / Covid-19 in 25 languages

    At this site (created in corporation with the Danish Authorities) you can find information about the virus in 25 languages. 

  • March 23rd: the lockdown continues until April 13th

    The Government has today prolonged all actions taken in the fight against the coronavirus until April 13th (Easter Sunday).

    Likewise, all living in Denmark are encouraged to stay home during Easter.  

  • March 18th: Official letter from Mayor Jens Ejner Christensen

    Dear all international residents in Vejle Kommune,

    When you decided to move to Denmark and to Vejle, I’m quite sure the current situation was not one you in any way anticipated. These are unprecedented times – both for Danes and for you, our international residents. Please know that we appreciate you being here and that we appreciate all and anything you do in order to help Denmark get safe through the Corona virus spread.

    We are all bombarded with Corona news every day – sadly some more fake than others. In order to make sure that you are getting the right facts and information with regards to the situation in Denmark and Vejle in particular, please look at the sites listed below that provide important information in English.

    Last night the authorities banned all gatherings of more than 10 people. Restaurants and cafés, clubs, malls and gyms have been told to close their doors – the same goes for businesses with close physical contact such as hairdressers and tattoo parlors. This came after the authorities declared a lock down last week, which entailed that all schools and daycares, universities and public institutions closed for at least two weeks starting this past Monday. All public servants have been told to work from home – with the obvious exception of critical staff i.e. people in healthcare, elder care and so forth.

    Social distancing
    We have all been asked to socially distance ourselves. Which in fact means to stay at home and limit our movement outside to only necessary journeys. That could include going to and from work for those who are still working, going to and from the pharmacy and grocery shopping – all though that too should be kept to a minimum. When going outside please take your precautions – be considerate, keep your distance, if coughing do so in your sleeve, avoid handshakes and wash your hands frequently.

    The aim by socially distancing ourselves is to slow down the spread of the Corona virus in order for our health care system to be able to treat all critical cases. If the virus spreads too rapidly, the fear is that our hospitals and the health care system in general will simply be too overwhelmed. Some people have not understood the severity of the situation and have still gathered in smaller or larger groups believing that if they were to catch the Corona virus it wouldn’t be worse than catching the normal flu. Let me stress, – as many other people have done so already – this is not a normal flu and we all risk spreading the virus to our elderly and vulnerable citizens, who are at risk of dying from this disease. We have to socially distance ourselves right now.

    The borders have been closed – from both the Danish and German side, but travelling across is allowed for work. If you are crossing the boarders, remember identification papers and papers proving your employment status. The situation is far from ideal for all those crossing the boarders on a daily or regular basis, but it is deemed necessary in order to contain or at least cushion the Corona spread.

    Actions taken in Vejle
    In Vejle, we have had several crisis simulations over the years – including how to deal with an epidemic/pandemic - so to some degree we have been prepared. Our health crisis response team gathered as soon as the authorities indicated that we were heading towards a crises and the team has gathered on a daily basis since then.

    The majority of our public workers are now working from home, which means that we have now closed down our offices and have limited contact with for instance the Citizens Service (Borgerservice) to phone or mail. The Jobcenter is closed, but benefits will still be paid, and even though schools and daycares are officially closed, we do offer emergency care. For more information and other changes please read the link below on actions taken by Vejle Municipality

    Local businesses are struggling
    Parliament has voted on emergency legislation that allows authorities both to prioritize patients and to enforce testing and isolation when deemed necessary. Parliament has also launched a couple of help packages in order to help businesses that are struggling right now and who might have to let people go. The packages – among other things – include a postponement of tax payments and a salary compensation so businesses can send workers home without having to fire them.

    The Corona virus is no longer just a health crisis it is also an economic crisis and we as a local society have to do our part in order to help our local businesses. People are encouraged to shop locally, buy gift certificates now for later use in order to increase the cash flow, and so on, and we as a municipality are also looking at ways for us to help our local businesses.

    Together apart
    It is quite uplifting to see how the civil society is taking steps to help – whether it’s supporting local businesses, providing food for neighbors who are quarantined, or just sharing important public information. We have often said in Vejle that in order to solve the problems we face as a society we have to work together. And if there is a silver lining in the Corona cloud, the community spirit is certainly one – a spirit of unity.

    As the Queen said in her televised speech last night: This is the time to show unity while staying apart.

    Thank you for doing your part.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jens Ejner Christensen
    Mayor of Vejle

    This is where you get official and accurate information:

    Information from the official authorities:

    Q&A from the National Health Authorities:

    Information from Vejle Municipality on Corona:

    Information on actions taken by Vejle Municipality (choose English as language in top bar):

  • As of March 18th it is forbidden to assembly in groups of more than 10 persons.

    From 10am, indoor and outdoor events will be limited to a maximum of 10 people. this is fined with 1,500dkr for private individuals. 

    All restaurants, cafes, bars etc. will closed. Businesses with close contact between people will close as well, e.g. hairdressers, masseuses, tattoo artists etc. All shopping centers will close – except the supermarkets and pharmacies inside the centers.

    For a period it will also be forbitten to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes, also to prevent infection.

    Read more which places are affected by this at Coronavirus in Denmark


    All supermarkets and shops that are open have been asked to make sure that people keep a distance.  So you will experience that your local supermarket might let you in in limited numbers, offer you hand disinfection or have marked the floor with stickers to make sure you keep a distance, when in line to pay - or maybe all of these and more.

    Make sure you follow their guidelines so we all can help prevent infection! 



  • As of noon March 14th the Danish borders will close - until April 13th.

    This means people with no creditable reason to enter Denmark, will be denied access. Only residens, people working in Denmark and persons with other creditable purposes will be able to enter. 


  • Schools and daycare close down from Monday March 16th

    All schools and daycare will close down for two weeks from Monday March 16th - you will get information directly from the school/daycare what your options are. 


  • Supermarkets and pharmacies are open!

    Also if they are located inside a shopping center. 

    All supermarkets and shops that are open have been asked to make sure that people keep a distance.  So you will experience that your local supermarket might let you in in limited numbers, offer you hand disinfection or have marked the floor with stickers to make sure you keep a distance, when in line to pay - or maybe all of these and more.

    Make sure you follow their guidelines so we all can help prevent infection! 



  • What is closed down?
    • All cultural Institutions 
    • Voluntary organisations, associations, religious communities, etc. 
    • Students from all youth and higher education facilities are sent home until April 13th
    • All schools and day care institutions are closed until April 13th
    • All public Servants not doing critical jobs (such as hospital, police, elderly care etc.) are sent home until April 13th
    • It is forbidden to assembly more than 10 people. This is fined with 5,000 dkr for businesses and 1,500 dkr for individuals
  • Prevent infection of the coronavirus

    If you experience symptoms of sickness (fever, dry cough or difficulty breathing) up to 14 days after you have traveled to a place with coronavirus (COVID-19) it is important that you call your doctor before you go to the clinic.

    Protect yourself and others against infection by following the below advice:  

    1. Wash your hands often or use disinfection
    2. Cough or sneeze into a disposable handkerchief or your elbow flexion, not into your hands
    3. Avoid handshakes, hugs and kissing on the cheeks – limit physical contact
    4. Be aware of cleaning – both at home at your work
    5. If you are elderly or chronically ill; keep a distance and ask others to take your situation into account

    Good hygiene is the best way to prevent infection with the coronavirus. This is to both protect yourself but also the people around you, especially the elderly and weakened. Therefore, the Authorities encourage everyone to follow the above advice. Both in the workplaces, but also in public, e.g. when using public transport.

    Respiratory infections, like the coronavirus, spreads among others via handshakes, surfaces or small drops from cough and sneeze.

Coronavirus advice in 5 languages
Coronavirus advice in 6 languages
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