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Coronavirus / Covid19 in Denmark

Find the latest updates on coronavirus/covid-19 from the Danish Authorities.


It is required to wear a mask when in restaurants, bars, cafes and similar establishments, as long as you are standing up (entering/leaving, going to the bathroom and buffet etc.). This also includes staff. It is also a requirement that these establisments close at 22.00/10pm.

It is not allowed to assemble more than 50 people, this includes privates parties etc. held at reaturants, bars, cafes and similar establishments. (there are exceptions - find them below at the national sites). 

If possible you are encouraged to work from home - check with your manager. 

If possible you are encouraged to avoid public transportation during rush hour.

You are encouraged to limit your social groups - meaning meet with fewer people in smaller groups. 


So far these requirements will be until (and including) October 18th. 


Rememeber; it is still a requirement to wear a mask when using public transport in Denmark. This is for all public transport, all over Denmark and all hours of the day. 

Many supermarkets etc. sell the masks for 3kr a piece (it might be in a larger box, where the price will equal to 3kr a piece). 

Here you can see the Danish Health Authorities' video on how to use a mask

For more information check the official sites below.


Where to find official information?

Danish Authorities have gather all information about the coronavirus/covid-19 at the sites linked to below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for you can call the Authorities’ corona hotline at 70 20 02 33.


Below you find two official letters from Jens Ejner Christensen (Mayor of Vejle) sent out during the early coronavirus / covid-19 period. 

Corona / Covid-19 virus
Corona / Covid-19 virus
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