Meet three internationals living in Vejle having a informal talk with Kay Xander Mellish about expat life during the coronavirus crisis.

During this time of social distance we would like to share with you what some of the internationals in Vejle are doing with all this extra time.

Both what to do for fun, worries when being far from your home country and "just" how to handle everyday life. 

In the video below you can meet Nina from Canada, Poulomi from India and Nienke from the Netherlands - in an informal talk with Kay Xander Mellish (the founder of "How to Live in Denmark"). 

Below you will find links to some of the sites/groups mentioned in the video. 

4 Internationals during the Coronavirus crisis
the 4 internatjona
The four internationals; Nienke, Nina, Poulomi and Kay
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