Beside every international employee is a Better Half working things out. The Better Halves Club was created to unite all the accompanying partners in Vejle, Billund and surrounding areas.

It is a welcoming and inclusive community that supports its 200+ members as they navigate their lives in Denmark. The group was set up for accompanying partners of international LEGO employees but has now expanded to include all businesses. 

There are regular Better Half Meet Ups:

- Vejle (Café BRYG, Torvegade 1b): 10am on 1st Thursday of each month, except public holidays.
- Billund (People House or cafe): 10am on 3rd Friday of each month and on the 1st Saturday of each month, except public holidays.

To join the Better Halves Club on Whatsapp, please contact Claire Salvetti on +45 52826945.

Better Halves Club logo
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