Amidst the chaos of life, here is a space for you. For your voice. Your journey.

The Network Inn

:always positive:

Every person you meet is someone to learn something from.

Come find like minds, inspiration in different forms, and people with stories – some with common aspects, some with new edges to bring to your own experience.

The Network Inn is a space for people to gather, meet new faces, talk about the job market in Denmark, and share their own experiences and anecdotes. More than anything it is to capture a spirit that fosters supporting one another. Think of a relaxed sofa version of networking. A dialogue. A support environment. The meetings can create inspiration lead you somewhere new.

Do YOU want to walk away buzzing, with a renewed energy to take on the job market, to support others on their journey, to feel that your voice can be heard?


Come and join us! 

In this case, the ‘inn’ of the title is a refuge, a safe place for discussion. The Network Inn brings people together - Danes and expats, people of different job situations - to listen, learn, embrace, and take something positive away, be it a feeling, an idea, a lesson.

Let us create a dialogue of value and meet fellow empathisers and inspirations.


If you are interested, please sign up for any of the locations via the link below. There is also a Whatsapp group for The Network Inn. You can be added to this if you wish to be.

The Network Inn
The Network Inn
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