Information om Coronavirus

Folketinget har gennemført en række drastiske tiltag for at afbøde og formindske smittespredningen af Coronavirus. Læs her, hvad det betyder for dig som borger i Vejle Kommune. Tilmeld dig også gerne vores COVID-19 beredskab. Du kan også finde udvalgt information til virksomheder.
Klik her for at finde information om corona-situationen - Information about coronavirus/Covid19

Welcome to your library

The library is for everybody, and they have something for you too - whether you need a good thriller, a fun experience with your children, a thought-provoking talk or just a little peace and quiet to study.

In Vejle Municipality the library is in five towns - and a bus (the library's rolling branch) 

You can find the main library in Vejle and library branches in Børkop, Egtved, Give and Jelling. 

The library is always within reach - physically or digitally - and they have a lot more to offer than you might think.

Check it out! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us; 

  • Lillan Grützmeier


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    mobil 40 42 95 21
  • Louise Nielsen

    Newcomer Service

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    mobil 21 81 04 36
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