...about Danish democracy, communities and society from an international perspective.

Join bestselling author Helen Russell for a talk about Danish democracy, communities and society from an international perspective.

Why are Danes so obsessed with challenging authority? Who's really in charge in Danish schools and workplaces? How come all meetings take hours in Denmark? And what’s with all the singing?!

From the importance of the High School Songbook to the significance of WWII and how it can help all new arrivals navigate their Danish experience, join Helen for a lively and varied talk, followed by a complimentary evening meal courtesy of Vejle Municipality. No such thing as a free dinner? Turns out there is in Denmark...

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Helen Russell
Helen Russell

About the facilitator: 

Helen Russell is a journalist and happiness researcher. As the former editor of marieclaire.co.uk, Helen spent 12 years in London but when she was given the opportunity of a new life in rural Denmark, everything changed. The land of Lego and pastries is (allegedly) one of the happiest places on earth. So what is the secret to their success? And are happy Danes born, or made? 

Helen decided there was one way to find out, giving herself a year to uncover the formula for Danish happiness. The result was the international bestseller The Year of Living Danishly. Helen went on to write four more books, including The Atlas of Happiness (translated into 21 languages) and now speaks about her work internationally (including for TEDx, Google and LEGO).

She still lives in Denmark with her family, and now she is sharing her own secrets to living Danishly.

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