Do the best aspects of Danish culture – trust, equality, happiness – make internationals feel included, or are they outside the circle of „fælleskab“? Can non-Danes ever understand Danish humor? Does the Danish „flat hierarchy“ style of hands-off management work for non-Danish employees who grew up with different expectations for leadership?

Kay Xander Mellish and Anatolie Cantir will explore these questions in a live debate – and neither will know which side they will take until a coin flip at the start of the event.

Kay and Anatolie are „expat experts“ who have written extensively on what it’s like to be an international in Denmark.

Kay is the author of the books „How to Live in Denmark“ and „How to Work in Denmark“, and the voice behind the „How to Live in Denmark“ podcast. She is based in Copenhagen.

Anatolie is an associate professor at VIA University College in Jutland, and his essays on the expat experience in Denmark have been widely shared on LinkedIn.

They look forward to examining the brights and darks of Danish culture – and to hearing what the audience has to say as well.

Join Kay and Anatolie at Spinderihallerne in Vejle on Tuesday, October 26th from 18.30 to 20.30.

Participation is free of charge - but you have to sign up;

Workshop October 26th
Workshop October 26th
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