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Information meeting about the Danish Public School System

Would you like to know more about the Danish school system? Maybe you have children in the school system already or are planning to enroll them in the public school when old enough.

Heidi Krogh Lodahl, coordination of Vejle’s International Program, will inform you about the Danish public school system (grade 0. – 9th) including how it is set up, why things are done in a certain way and overall general information to inform you of areas that might vary from the school system in your home country.

Heidi will also shortly inform you of the internationals school program in Vejle.

It will be possible to ask questions and „e-meet“ other international parents.

Participation is free of charge and you have to sign up, to receive an online participation link (a few days before).

The session is online on June 8th at 17.30-19.00 (5.30-7.00pm) Sign up at https://tilmeld.vejle.dk/1094/

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Sidst opdateret: 05. maj 2021