Learn the secret rules of Danish working culture, with Kay Xander Mellish! Come join us on Tuesday, November 15 for the worldwide book launch of the updated version of “How to Work in Denmark".

Kay Xander Mellish
Kay Xander Mellish
How to Work in Denmark - book cover
How to Work in Denmark - book cover

"How to Work in Denmark: Tips on Finding a Job, Succeeding at Work, and Understanding Your Danish Boss" is a new book for internationals working in Denmark, or their Danish colleagues who want to understand their international team members a little better. 

Get a free autographed copy of the book – if you are one of the first 15 to sign up!

And enjoy a presentation by author Kay on Danish working culture plus a workshop where you’ll work with fellow expats to find solutions to common problems internationals face in the Danish workplace.

How can you broadcast your successes without breaking Jantelov?

How much consensus do you need before making a decision?

Does your boss really want you to openly disagree with her?

How can you make it clear that in a “flat hierarchy”, you would still like to be promoted?

Can you expect to be friends with your colleagues outside of work?

And what should you do when a Dane makes a “joke” about your country and calls it Danish humor?


Participation is free of charge - a sandwich and drinks are included. 


Date: November 15th 2022
Time: 17.30-20.00 (5.30-8pm) 
Spinderigade 11
7100 Vejle
Room: Bomuldsloftet

Kay Xander Mellish is a US/UK dual citizen and the voice behind the free “How to Live in Denmark podcast", which has been running for nearly a decade and has more than 100 episodes.

Previously a journalist, she has been on staff at several large Danish corporations and now travels around Denmark and Europe speaking on Danish and Scandinavian working culture. “How to Work in Denmark” is her fifth book.

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