Newcomer Service offers you five weekly sessions, where you get tips for your job search in Vejle and meet other international job seekers.

Each time we go over a subject that will be relevant for your future job situation in Vejle/Denmark.

For some of the sessions we invite a guest speaker, in order for you to get the best knowledge within the subject! 
NOTE: it is possible to join some of the session - see below what could be of interest to you. 


We will cover:

January 31st: Timeline from your arrival to job (what to expect and what is expected of you) and networking in Denmark.

February 7th: Cover letter and CV competence vs. chronological resume, full time/part time job, voluntary work and work within another field that you are used to.

February 21st: LinkedIn - how to use it in Denmark (Guest Speaker - Nienke Nijenhuis). 

February 28th: Job search; posted positions/unposted positions and job interview (Guest speaker Tina Mølgaard Larsen).

March 6th: Possibility of education/new skills, your leisure time and rounding off. 



Location: Skolegade 1, 7100 Vejle, each time 12.00-14.00 (12-2pm). 

January 31st: meeting room 1

February 7th: meeting room 3 

February 21st: meeting room 1

February 28th: meeting room 1 

March 6th: meeting room 5 

Note the sessions will be in English. 

Job Search Support
Job Search Support
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