Information about your job search in Denmark.

From February 22nd Newcomer Service offers you a weekly session for six weeks, where you can meet other expat job seekers.

Each time we will go over a subject that will be relevant for your future job situation in Vejle/Denmark.

For some of the sessions we invite a guest speaker, in order for you to get the best knowledge within the subject! 


We will cover:

February 22: Introduction and timeline from your arrival to job (what to expect and what is expected of you)

February 28: Cover letter and CV – competence vs. chronological resume

March 08: Job search; posted positions/unposted positions and job interview

March 14: Education/new skills, work within another field that you are used to, full time/part time job, voluntary work.

March 22: LinkedIn in Denmark

March 28: Rounding off, incl., networking, your leisure time


Please let Expat Business Consultant Tove Reinert know that you would like to join at

Signing up is mandatory!


Practical info

Each time we meet from 9.30-11.30 in Skolegade 1. Meeting room overview below: 

22 February room 3

28 February room 4

08 March room 3

14 March room 4

22 March room 5

28 March room 4

Job Search Support
Job Search Support
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