On May 14th you are invited to join this year’s International Spring Reception in Vejle, where Helen Russell will do a talk about the culture of Denmark/the Nordic nations.

Helen Russell
Helen Russell

We have invited Hellen Russell* to do a talk about Danish society and what makes the Danes Danish based on her new book "How to raise a Viking" (read more below). 

The event includes dinner, Helen's talk and reading from her book How to Raise a Viking, plus a Q&A with the author.

Spread the word, bring your neighbours, friends, partner, kids – everyone is welcome! 

Free of charge (registration required - find link below) - held in English.


We’ll meet at 17.00/5pm - feel free to stay as long as it suits you and your family.



16.45/4.45-17.00/5.00: Arrival 

17.00/5.00: Welcome by Mayor Jens Ejner Christensen and Newcomer Service 

17.30/5.30: Our food will be served as a buffet 

18.00/6.00: Helen Russell's talk, book reading and Q&A

19.30/7.30: End of Spring Reception program - Spinderihallerne are still open


Spinderihallerne close at 21.00/9.00 and you are of course welcome to stay!

After the Spring Reception's program you can join other events, e.g. at 19.45/7.45 there is Tuesday Tones with David Sinchury and ReFashion RePair hosts a swap night


*After more a decade of living in Denmark and raising a family here, British journalist and bestselling author Helen Russell (The Year of Living Danishly) noticed that people in the Nordic countries are raised differently to those back home.

They eat differently. They learn differently. They spend hours out in nature every day, even though the weather is terrible and it's dark October to March. And then they grow up to be some of the happiest people on the planet. So, her question was: ‘how?’

In her new book, How to Raise a Viking, Russell takes a deep dive into the culture of the Nordic nations.

From gender equality to school structure, screen time, and the surprising customs that lead to happy, well-adjusted humans. This fascinating and humorous talk allows internationals – and Danes – to understand more about why people in the Nordics are the way they are.

So join us a peek behind the cultural curtain to a world, where babies sleep outside in their prams up to -20°C and pre-schoolers wield axes.

Refreshingly funny and unfailingly optimistic about the new generation of humans growing up in the world right now, this is a heart-warming love letter to Helen’s adopted homeland and proof that we could all use a bit more Viking in our lives.


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