Corona - bl.a. om vaccinationer og test. Nu 13 steder du kan blive testet i Vejle og centerbyer med flere....

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THE POWER WITHIN Webinar (April 14th)

The Power Within focuses on how we can ease the effects of the challenges we have been faced with this past year. Well-being practices, purposeful habits and recognizing our needs and emotions can all be helpful ways to enhance balance in our everyday lives.

As individuals each one of us has had to face various challenges, no situation is the same. We understand and recognize that it has not been easy.

Therefore, we would like to concentrate on what we can control and discuss habits, well-being, and how these practices can be up lifting.

Together we will :
• discuss well-being and what are some practices you can introduce into your daily life
• raise awareness about morning rituals and purposeful habits
• emphasize the power of physical activity and being out doors


Cost: free of charge

Target group: All internationals living in Vejle, no matter if you are an employee, accompanying partner, student or in Vejle for another reason.

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webinar April 14th, 2021
Webinar April 14th, 2021
Sidst opdateret: 23. marts 2021